Welcome to the Maven Mastermind

A gathering of like-minded & dedicated women who will encourage you to follow your dreams, who will help guide you on your spiritual awakening, and who will hold space for you weekly as you find the Maven within you!

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What can you expect from the Maven Mastermind?

An incredible gathering of people, helping you to grow and nourish your soul. Weekly calls to guide you through the initial phases of your soul awakening and realize the potential you hold within.

We will explore your beliefs. Spiritually and emotionally. We will look at your belief patterns, and whether they are serving you. We will open your eyes to different belief options and help guide you through changing the patterns around what is no longer adding value to your life.

We will focus on creativity and finding your true passion. We will explore different ways of sharing your story to get you closer to your dreams, so that you can make a bigger impact on your journey.

We will unlock your fears. We will set some realistic goals to get you toward those crazy big goals – you know? The ones that seem so BIG they don’t seem real? I believe that if an idea is given to you, it’s yours to take – so let’s work with those ideas to make them a reality!

We will collaborate and connect. One of the best parts of being in a Mastermind is the community that we will create – a group of individuals all bringing their stories to the table to share and to support you! This group will consist of people from different backgrounds allowing you to share openly, in a non-competitive environment, and receive new knowledge from your fellow mavens.

The energy this creates is unstoppable and we will all rise together. Experts say you are like the five people you spend the most time with - this is your opportunity to surround yourself with people playing at a higher level spiritually. We will grow through community and the power of sharing vulnerably and rise up together!

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The Commitment

Over the course of 3 months (Mid-August to Mid-November 2019) we will meet every week as a group through an online platform.

Weekly, I will teach you various lessons I have learned through my own personal spiritual or soul awakening! We will be joined by guest mavens occasionally to share their areas of expertise, and give you insights into multiple tools you can use as you move forward through this soul-ful journey.

During these sessions we will have some hot seat sessions, where each of you will get the chance to bring forward something you are struggling with and the other members will get the opportunity to share helpful experiences or lessons they have learned.

Monthly, we will meet once a month to have a one on one coaching call where we will dive in to discover where you are at and where you want to be! I will help guide you on your next steps and support you on any decisions you need to make while holding you accountable to consciously expand your soul towards your purpose!

Continuous self-improvement is key. We are never done learning about who we are, and we are never done becoming who we are becoming.
— Claire Anne
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What’s Included?

Over the course of the 3 Month Membership:

  • 12 x 60minute Weekly Group Lessons and/or Hot Seat Calls, including some Guest Speakers

  • 3 x 1-on-1 45minute Monthly Coaching Calls with Me

  • Email Support with me and my team

  • Ongoing Group Conversation to support each other

  • Private in-person Maven Mastermind meet-up and half day workshop in October or November to celebrate YOU! Your successes, your growth and our COMMUNITY!

  • BONUS: If you register before August 1st you will receive an additional one-on-one coaching call with me when you need it throughout the three months!

Still on the fence? This is for you if…

  • You know in your heart you are meant for something BIGGER!

  • You have an understanding of what a soul calling is, but don’t know what steps to take to get begin the journey.

  • You are feeling all the feels, yet can’t explain it! Or have tried to explain and get looked at like you’re crazy!

  • You are looking for ideas on what steps to take next…

  • You want to make a bigger impact with your passions!

  • You are looking for accountability to achieve your goals.

  • You are looking for the support of others like you to find your tribe!

Who am I to lead this?

You only know what you know. A phrase taught to me by my first business coach. You will only ever know what you know - if you don’t surround yourself with people that know more than you.

My name is Ruth Montgomery, an avid learner, and dream chaser. My soul’s purpose is to help you find your soul purpose! I am here to help you recognize the power of your story and help you to awaken your soul to the potential you have!

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the last few years investing in coaches and masterminds. I have completed the Mastermind to Millions Program with Jay Fiset, and Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabby Bernstein. I have attended and facilitated countless personal development workshops and conferences, and worked with some of the most amazing mentors and coaches (such as Harriette Hale) - and I want to share all of the information I have gained with you, here.

The Maven Mastermind will bring like-minded people together to grow on this soul awakening together. We will create an environment where we can lift each other up and support each other on our journey. The power of community is such a powerful thing!

I am here to connect you to possibilities and opportunities that you have perhaps never even dreamt of! I am here to create with you and to motivate you to keep going after those dreams!

I am inviting you to sign up! Please join me.

I am here to serve and support you.

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I have been nothing less than impressed with [Ruth]’s drive to grow her business, but even more importantly I always seem to leave more inspired and centred every time I see her. Ruth is a continuous learner & explorer, with such a sincere, genuine interest in the people around her, making her a fantastic coach!